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Earth 2: Volume 6: Collision

Earth 2: Volume 6: Collision

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Cataclysm has come to Earth-2. The forces of Darkseid, which were thought to have been repelled years ago, have struck back with a vengeance. Apokolips itself is attacking the Earth, with Darkseid’s Furies leading the charge of destruction. This may be humanity’s final hour. But Earth-2 is not without its defenders. There are the heroes, like Huntress, Power Girl and Batman. There are the soldiers of the World Army. There’s Green Lantern and his fellow Avatars of the Earth, wielding the power of the planet’s plant life, animal life and even the air and water. But it’s Doctor Fate, the powerful but inexperienced sorcerer, who alone may have the ability to repel Apokolips and save the planet. Empowered by the Helm of the ancient wizard Nabu, Doctor Fate could turn the tide against Apokolips…or, if the Helm were to fall into the hands of Darkseid’s servants, Fate could be handing absolute power and total victory to Earth’s enemies!