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Human Rights Law in Scotland

Human Rights Law in Scotland

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Human Rights Law in Scotland, Fourth Edition provides essential practical guidance to the Scottish legal profession. Written by two distinguished authors, the work explores the impact of human rights legislation in Scotland and provides a comprehensive review of ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) jurisprudence and relevant domestic legislation and case law as well as an overview of Strasbourg enforcement machinery. The fourth edition of this highly regarded work has been fully updated to reflect legislative changes to the Scotland Act 2012 (amending the Scotland Act 1998) and coverage of two new Protocols to the ECHR, as well as new case law and developments in jurisprudence. This highly regarded title is essential reading for legal practitioners, government agencies, students and others who require a clear and up-to-date guide to the application of European human rights law in Scotland. Contents: 1. The ECHR and Scots law 2. European protection of human rights 3. Applying the European Convention of Human Rights 4. Physical Integrity: life, torture and inhuman treatment, servitude and liberty of person 5. Fair administration of justice 6. Private and family life; and education 7. Civil and political liberties: thought, expression, assembly and association; and free elections 8. Property rights Appendix I: Human Rights Act 1998 Appendix II: Scotland Act 1998 Appendix III: Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamentals Freedoms Previous print edition ISBN: 9781847665560