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A Stroll Through Modernista Barcelona Уцененный товар (№1)

A Stroll Through Modernista Barcelona Уцененный товар (№1)

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Modernista architecture was not only the product of the convictions of innumerable architects, it also received the unconditional support of property owners. A series of favorable social conditions, but above all this meeting of passions, led to the emergence of Barcelona's Eixample, a unique urban project. The Gothic and Modernisme together constitute the architectural triumphs that mark the difference between Barcelona and other cities in the world. Paradoxically, however, Modernisme subsequently underwent a long purgatory characterized by irreparable mutilations and demolitions. Thanks to the prestige of Gaudi and admirers of the movement all over the world, monuments to this architectural style have now been recovered. The municipal campaign Barcelona, posa't guapa (Barcelona, make yourself beautiful) recently managed to restore the Eixample's genuine polychrome image, which had been concealed beneath the uniformity and unrelenting grayness of dirt. Thanks to this, today's Barcelonans have rediscovered this fascinating page in the history of their city and are now fully aware of their duty to preserve the modernista legacy. In the pages of this book we discover an array of astonishing works by following an itinerary designed to be both instructive and pleasurable. A stimulating promenade, with none of the characteristics of a simple catalog, on which the reader will be able to discover, admire and savor the best of Modernisme.
Photographs: Melba Levick.