Blues Archives. Roosevelt Sykes. MP3 Collection

Blues Archives. Roosevelt Sykes. MP3 Collection

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I Know How You Feel

Until The Cows Come Home

Drivin' Wheel

Mailbox Blues

Living In A Different World

This Tavern Boogie

Tender Hearted Woman (I'll Wear The Pants)

Wintertime Blues

Her Little Machine

Stop Her Poppa


West Helena Blues

Come Back Baby

My Baby Is Gone

Hard Luck Boogie

That's My Gal

Good Book Blues

Rock It

Candy Man Blues

I'm Tired

Date Bait

Why Should I Cry

Green Onion Top

Wonderin' Blues

Blood Stains

You Can's Be Lucky All The Time

Homesick Blues

Hush On Hush

Crazy Fox

She's Jail Bait

Little Sam


Anytime Is The Right Time

Mama, Mama

Walkin' And Drinkin'

Fine And Brown (alternate take)

Lucky Blues

Raining In My Heart

Heavy Heart

4:00 Blues

Too Hot To Handle (Hot Boogie)

Tell Me True

Ruthie Lee

Something Like That

Security Blues

Boogie Sykes

Listen To My Song (She's The One For Me)

Toy Piano Blues

Been Through The Mill

Walkin' This Boogie

Come Back Baby

44 Blues

4:00 Blues (alternate take)

Fine And Brown

Listen To My Song (She's The One For Me) (alternate take)

Drivin' Wheel

Long, Lonesome Night

Set The Meat Outdoors

Coming Home

Stompin' The Boogie

Number Nine


Selfish Woman


Night Time Is The Right Time

Runnin' The Boogie

Hey Big Momma

Miss Ida B.

Mislead Mother

Yes Lawd

I Hate To Be Alone


Lonely Day

Satellite Baby

Pocketful Of Money

She Ain't For Nobody

Sweet Old Chicago

Don't Care Blues

47th Street Jive

Memphis Slim Rock

44 Blues

Security Blues

R.S. Stomp

Ran The Blues Of My Window

All My Money's Gone

Woman In Elaine, Arkansas

The Mistaken Life

The Sweet Root Man

The Thing

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Kickin' Motor Scooter

Red-Eyed Jesse Bell

I Like What You Do (When You Do What You)

New Fire Detective Blues

North Gulfport Boogie

Watch Your Step (If You Just Can't Be)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Key To Your Heart

We Gotta Move

Dresser Drawers

Living The Right Life

Run This Boogie

Mistake In Life

You So Small

Concentration Blues

She's Got Me Straddle A Log

Ice Cream Freezer

It Hurts So Good

Buggy Ride

E.Z. Cherry

Dirty Mother For You

Put Up Or Shut Up

Peach In Egypt

Thanks, But No Thanks

Cootchy, Cootchy, Yes Ma'am

Dresser Drawers

She's Got It

You Deceived Me

Poodle Dug

Sugar Mill

Music Is My Business

Sunny Side Of The Street

Everlastin' Love

Age Boogie

Going Down Slow

Ice Cream Freezer

Lost My Boogie

Sweet Georgia Brown

St. James Infirmary

Honeysuckle Rose

Basin Street Blues

Rock Me

A Woman In Demand

Dirty Mother For You

Come On Back Home

Running The Boogie

Drivin' Wheel

Sweet Home Chicago

Don't Ever Leave Me

Got My Mojo Workin'
Не так уж много известно об этом коротышке-толстяке, искрометном, брызжущем весельем пианисте по прозвищу "Honeydripper", чья долгая музыкальная карьера охватывает довоенную и послевоенную эпохи прошлого столетия. Сногсшибательные буги Сайкса, его озорная, двусмысленная песенная лирика кардинально расширили границы блюзовой идиоматики. Считанное число первоклассных пианистов обладают исполнительским мастерством такого же уровня, каким обладал Рузвельт Сайкс, и совсем немногие могут угнаться за чувством блюза этого выдающегося толстяка с неизменной сигарой во рту и улыбкой на губах.

Общее время звучания - 6 ч. 56 мин.
Диск содержит 140 треков в формате mp3
Диск содержит следующие альбомы
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