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Comprehensive Course of Russian / Современный курс русского языка (+ 8 аудиокассет)

Comprehensive Course of Russian / Современный курс русского языка (+ 8 аудиокассет)

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Developed by the experts at Living Language (USA), this course offers a highly effective combination of conversational Russian with grammar and culture. The course is a perfect combination of lively scenes, grammar sections and cultural notes.
  • 40 lessons that include lively dialogues in Russian are supplied with the common vocabulary.
  • English translations and explanations of the Russian grammar rules, word usage, and pronunciation, along with the cultural notes.
  • Quizzes and reviews to check your progress.
  • Complete summary of the Russian grammar, verb conjugation charts.
  • A section on letter writing for business and social occasions.
  • English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries.
    4 cassettes for self-studying with the textbook
  • Immerse yourself deep in a different environment by listening,to and repeating the recorded text.
  • Listen to the dialogues, master the grammar, and you will find out more information about the culture of the country where people speak the language you study.
  • Follow the instructions in the course book during the process of learning.
    4 cassettes for further studying on the go
  • Master the material you've already learned, make sure you can handle it with confidence, and then proceed with the new lessons.
  • Perceive the recommendations of the English speaking instructor.
  • Listen to the dialogues and understand spoken Russian.
  • Study the language on your own , while driving or going by underground, jogging in the park or doing your daily household chores, anywhere.

    Книга в мягкой обложке.
    Формат: 15 cм x 23 cм.