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Andreas Horlitz: Equilibrium

Andreas Horlitz: Equilibrium

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A Best known for his large-scale installations made of mirror and glass, Munich-based artist Andreas Horlitz has also incorporated photography, light works, and site-specific architectural installations into his practice over an impressive three-decade career. Taking his inspiration from the sciencesa??and creative exchanges with scientistsa??Horlitz’s work frequently mimics chemical, biological, and physical processes. Foremost among these scientifically sourced works are his Autoportraits series of eight biometric images that incorporate his own DNA, and the eight-hundred-foot mirrored glass installation, Interdependence, which symbolizes information transfer, multiple horizons, and velocity waves.A Published in connection with an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Andreas Horlitz: Equilibrium represents the first English-language look at Horlitz’s entire body of work and includes one hundred full-color illustrations spanning a large selection of Horlitz’s artworks. Also included is an introduction by art historian Burkhard Leismann as well as scientific texts and essays by Nike Ritter, Verena Titze, and Yvonne Ziegler.A