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The Spirituality of Success: Getting Rich With Integrity

The Spirituality of Success: Getting Rich With Integrity

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Getting Rich With Integrity

"I hated myself and dreaded what I represented and had become. What a loser. But the path takes time to develop. Don't judge a person by the moment they're in - their life isn't over. I don't feel sympathy or the need to judge others. It's our destination that counts. One of the best things, for me, was to become an addict. At the time I was in it I was in Hell, but who I am today is partially based on being who I was. Out of the process, I became this new person. Would you rather attain success and skip the process of the pain, sure, but if you like the result now, you can't deny the path. There are reasons why we go through what we do." - Vincent Roazzi

Vincent Roazzi is not your everyday success story. Before he started accumulating a net worth in the millions and gaining a reputation as a top-notch sales trainer, he grew up in Brooklyn as a car-stealing gang member. He was a product of his environment in the rough and tough Fort Greene section. He went to school, but never got better than a C in an English course. His dead-end beginning goes from bad to worse, with a once-in-a lifetime shot at redemption.

After spending ten years to build up several family-owned businesses and not believing there was anything left to conquer, he self -destructed. At age 32 he was a cokehead. But it took a few years to catch up to him. He was a burned out gambler. His marriage (and five kids) was on the rocks. He eventually lost his business, wentbroke, and went on welfare. By age 36 he entered rehab, or else, as he puts it, "I would have utilized the only other option left to me -- to take my life."

His recovery odyssey would take him to a construction company where he enjoyed the refuge of manual labor. He was able to turn the corner when hitting 40, going back to a life of sales by working for Cornerstone. He rose up the ladder quickly, becoming their Executive Vice President. But it's Roazzi's candid reflection on his fall and rise that make his new book, THE SPIRTUALITY OF SUCCESS, a rather uniquely appreciated volume on what it truly takes to be successful in life and in business.

THE SPIRITUALITY OF SUCCESS is broken into 35 small chapters that are intended to be absorbed one chapter per day, so by month's end you will have absorbed the universal laws of success. He demonstrates how success is a science and details his ideas with proven examples. He dispels many popular myths or misconceptions about achieving and redefines what success is all about from a spiritual and scientific approach. "The main theme," says Roazzi, "explores why authentic personal financial freedom is more a result of who you are than what you do. This leads to the realization that success is not a condition of life, but a state of mind, a state of being."

Roazzi exposes the truths and fallacies of today's popular success formulas, highlighting the scientific principles behind many achievement techniques, such as visualization, focus, and positive thinking. The book is sprinkled with his one-line nuggets of wisdom, such as:

·People are so busy trying to create reality that reality passes them by.
·You can change your life, and its outcome; by changing what you "know." Unfortunately, many people go through life never questioning what they think they know.
·Those who are successful see things differently. They create their own reality.
·Success is only possible through other people. You cannot be successful by yourself.
·As you perceive, so shall you achieve.

"Once you know who you are as a person and no longer feel you have to prove anything to anyone - or be a victim of the conditioning society imposes upon you - once that is taken care of, then you can discover who you are," advises Roazzi. "I get great pleasure in helping people now and it just so happens I have the gift to do that. If I deny who and why I am, then I experience a different reality. It's i