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Business Climate Shifts : Profiles of Change Makers

Business Climate Shifts : Profiles of Change Makers

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Business Climate Shifts: Profiles of Change Makers contains a wealth of CEO wisdom about how companies today can successfully manage change in response to rapidly changing business conditions. Includes a compelling overview of the factors and forces driving rapid and often "discontinuous" change in business today - e.g. globalization, the disruptive influence of new technologies, growing electronic connectivity among far flung financial markets, and the rise of e-business among others -- and assesses the short and long-term significance of these trends for the long-term viability of companies in all industries. Among the "change makers" profiled in this book: Lord Colin Marshall, Chairman of British Airways; Robert Bauman, former CEO of SmithKline Beecham; Bill Henderson, U.S. Postmaster General; Jane Garvey, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration; Fred Poses, President of AlliedSignal; Sir Richard Evans, Chairman of British Aerospace; and Errol Marshall, CEO of Shell South Africa, among others.

Features interviews with some of the most significant transformational leaders of our time
Foreword written by Warren Bennis
Contains in-depth analyses of what's required to ensure successful and sustainable transformation