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Organizational Behavior: The Person-Organization Fit

Organizational Behavior: The Person-Organization Fit

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Blending theory and practice with a strong applied, cross-cultural, and self-development focus, this volume shows readers how to manage organizations and the people in them -- as well as their own careers --from a multi-level (micro/macro), integrative, global perspective. A variety of self-assessments, practical advice, cases, and exercises give readers hands-on practice throughout. KEY TOPICS: Covers: The Challenge of Managing People and Organizations; Understanding the Context of Organizations; Culture in Organizations; Understanding and Managing Individual Differences; Understanding People: Social Perception; Managing Performance through Motivation and Outcomes; Building Block of Groups Behavior; Turning Groups into Teams; Leading People; Making Decisions; Using Power and Organizational Politics; Managing Conflict and Negotiation; Communicating and Managing Information; Managing Change; and Personal and Organizational Effectiveness. For managers and team leaders.