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How to Get Rich Selling Cars to Women

How to Get Rich Selling Cars to Women

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A step-by-step process that will show you how to become a champion salesperson and achieve the most important goals of your life.

How to Get RICH Selling Cars to Women will teach you how to do just that, crack the mystery of how to reach the most influential segment of the American buying market. But that's not all this book will teach you.

Written with car sales and service people in mind, these lessons are ultimately valuable for anyone interested in how to make profound and lasting changes in attitudes and behaviors.

Through an amusing and intriguing mystery story, featuring Sherlock Holmes, you will learn about the five stages of change. Sherlock, you see, never did understand women—or even want to! But the mystery he is faced with forces him to learn how to approach and talk with women, how to win their trust, and finally how to sell cars to them.

That's right! Sherlock Holmes, the most knowledgeable detective in all of literature, discovers there's something he doesn't know. Ironically, Holmes's trusted protégé, Dr. Watson, a married man who understands women, will do most of the teaching.

After you watch Holmes solve the riddle of selling cars to women, it will be your turn. This book will show you how to recognize the changes you need to make to improve your selling techniques. Then it will teach you the tools you need to navigate the five stages of change-not just in selling cars to women (and getting rich in the process!) but in changing any behavior in your life and making that change last a lifetime.