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Practical SCADA for Industry

Practical SCADA for Industry

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This series provides practical professional-level resources in key and emerging technologies designed specifically for engineers and technicians who need to get up to speed in new areas or reinforce and update their knowledge in their existing specialization.
The books are ideal for continuing professional development - through independent study, in-house seminars, or corporate training courses. They also provide the comprehensive coverage needed by professional engineers seeking a hands-on reference guide. For students the practical engineering knowhow makes these books the perfect antidote to theoretical course texts.
Written by leading engineers and trainers, this series has been developed by IDC Technologies, an international engineering training company with courses running in 30 cities in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Ireland, the Middle East, New 7ealand and South Africa. Over 120,000 worldwide have attended IDC workshops.