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FormatEase, Version 3.0: Paper and Reference Formatting Software

FormatEase, Version 3.0: Paper and Reference Formatting Software

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This popular software helps users quickly and effortlessly format term papers, theses, dissertations, articles, and book chapters in accordance with the latest APA style guidelines.

Creates, inserts, and organizes reference entries and citations:
*Relieves the pain of the academic writer's biggest headache--citing many different kinds of sources in exactly the right form.
*Contains 74 different reference types, from standard authored books to symposium proceedings, online sources, unpublished works, and more!
*Users choose the kind of reference they need from the menu bar, and key in the needed information in the dialog box that pops up on the screen.
*Why type the same information twice? Reference entries and in-text citations are generated simultaneously, and are inserted into the right place in the document.

Provides quick and effortless formatting help:
*Users no longer have to worry about the form of their papers--they're now free to focus on the content!
*A snap to install in Microsoft® Word, FormatEase(r) requires only the user's existing word processing skills
*The toolbar includes automatic styles and settings for chapter titles; running heads; section headings; indented paragraphs; and many other text elements.
*Streamlines the task of writing a paper--or formatting one that's already been written.
*Handy manual includes installation and application guidelines, as well as tips on writer-friendly features of Microsoft® Word.

FormatEase(r) Version 3.0 is compatible with the standards outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition.