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Corel Draw 6/7

Corel Draw 6/7

2473 руб.
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Corel Draw!, one of America's highest rated vector based drawing programs, comes alive with Brian White as he leads you through 7.5 hours of instruction. From learning how to snap to guidelines all the way to advanced blending features, this is definitely a tutorial that will make you a pro!

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Even when you're away from your own computer and/or the actual software you're learning you can continue to learn from this training CD! All VTC Training CDs are cross-platform, meaning they will operate on a PC ora Mac, and you don't need the actual software to use the VTC Training. That means that even if you travel, what used to be "down time" can now be used as "learning time". All you need is a computer with a CD drive!

VTC makes it possible for you to become an expert in far less time, at a much lower cost, than any other form of training.