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Client/Server Information Systems: A Business-Oriented Approach

Client/Server Information Systems: A Business-Oriented Approach

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A Complete Guide to Client/Server Architecture and Client/Server Applications-From the Premier Author in the Field! This flexible new book offers hands-on coverage of client/server architecture and client/server applications. Its practical, business-oriented emphasis fully explains everything you need to know without overwhelming you with technical detail! This practical guide offers:
* Complete coverage of application development as well as the network infrastructure over which applications are deployed
* Thorough-but not too technical!-coverage of all hardware and technology you need to understand
* Cases that detail the experiences of real companies as they implement client/server systems
* A hands-on, business-oriented emphasis that includes that includes coverage of how to integrate intranets, Extranets and the Internet
* Invaluable tips on the management and security of client/server systems not found in other books!
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