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The Sun Blues Story (3 CD)

Код товара: 18507478

The Sun Blues Story

Fine Looking Woman - B.B. King

Moanin' At Midnight - Howlin' Wolf

Harmonica Jam - Hot 'Shot' Love

Boogie In The Park - Joe Hill Louis

Save That Money - Rufus Thomas

Lonesome Bedroom Blues - Willie Nix

Greyhound Blues - D.A. Hunt

Howlin' Tom Cat - 'Harmonica' Frank

Fussin' & Fightin' Blues-Blue Flames

Cool Down Mama - John Hunter

Easy - Jimmy & Walter

Don't You Want A Man - B.B. King

My Baby - James Cotton

Something For Nothing - Billy Emerson

Truckin' Little Woman - Willie Nix

Jukebox Boogie - Doctor Ross

Got My Application, Baby - Handy Jackson

A Little Chance - Jimmy De Berry

Lookin' For My Baby - Little Milton

Night Workin' - Rufus Thomas

The Sun Blues Story

Come Back Baby - Doctor Ross

Shoobie Oobie - Rosco Gordon

I'm Lonesome Baby - Ike Turner

Hard Working Woman - B.B. King

When It Rains It Pours - B Emerson

Juiced - Billy Love

Straighten Up Baby - James Cotton

Baker Shop Boogie - Willie Nix

All Gotta Go Sometime - Joe Hill Louis

If You Love Me - Little Milton

Feelin' Good - Little Junior's

Little Fine Healthy - B Emerson

Feel So Worried - Sammy Lewis

Baby, No No! - Big Memphis Ma Rainey

Try One More Time - Willie Nix

Drop Top - Billy 'Red' Love

Y Did You Deegee? - Rufus Thomas

She's Dynamite - B.B. King

Bring Your Love Back - Eddie Snow

How Many More Years? - Howlin Wolf

The Sun Blues Story

Beggin' My Baby - Little Milton

Before Long - Jimmy & Walter

Love My Baby - Little Junior's Blue Flames

Wolf Is At Your Door - Howlin' Wolf

Hold Me In Your Arms - James Cotton

Lonesome Ol' Jail - D.A. Hunt

Mistreated Woman - B.B. King

Wise To You Baby - Rosco Gordon

Country Clown - Doctor Ross

Gotta Let You Go - Joe Hill Louis

Schoolboy - Lost John Hunter

Somebody Told Me - Little Milton

Seems Like A Million Years - Willie Nix

Too Many Women - Rosco Gordon

Ridin' The Boogie - Lou Sargent

Cotton Crop Blues - James Cotton

Time Has Made A Change - Jimmy De Berry

Heartbroken Worried - Ike Turner

Walkin' In The Rain - Rufus Thomas Jr

Drivin' Slow - Johnny London