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Frenemies: Cats, Dogs, and Lessons in Getting Along

Frenemies: Cats, Dogs, and Lessons in Getting Along

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Relationships aren't always easy. But if cats and dogs can make them work, so can the rest of us. In Frenemies, the new book by creative partners Kim Levin and Christine Montaquila, we get an inside look at how our furry domestic friends manage to coexist on the same planet-even in the same house - and to live happily ever after.

"Only count your own calories."
"Learn the twelve steps of shutting up."
"Remember their birthday. Forget their age."
These are just a few of the many words of wisdom you'll find on the pages of this charming book. Levin's ability to capture the moment with beautiful documentary-style photography and Montaquila's sharp, spot-on commentary make Frenemies a great gift for animal lovers, or for anyone you love to hate.