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Netscape Communicator 4

Netscape Communicator 4

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Using Netscape Communicator 4 ActiveEducation's course, Using Netscape Communicator 4, is a hands-on introduction to the tools and utilities available on the Internet using Netscape Communicator 4.01 or higher. Prerequisites for the course are a general understanding of basic microcomputer operations and general experience using a mouse. Course length: 6 to 8 hours. Course Objectives  Understand Internet basics  Find information on the Internet  Use built-in Netscape services  Send e-mail and access newsgroups  Customize Netscape Lesson Topics

Lesson 1:

Understanding Internet Basics

Overviewing the Internet

Understanding and Using Netscape Communicator

Getting Online Help

Lesson 2:

Finding Information on the Internet

Accessing the World Wide Web

Downloading Files

Lesson 3:

Using Built-in Netscape Services

Using the Personal Toolbar

Using Online Search Utilities

Viewing Previously Visited URLs and Other Sites

Describing the Bookmarks Feature

Lesson 4:

Sending E-Mail and Accessing Newsgroups

Understanding E-Mail

Reading Messages

Managing Your Messages

Using the Address Book

Accessing Usenet Newsgroups

Lesson 5:

Customizing Netscape

Changing the Screen Display

Changing Appearance and Font Settings

Changing Color Settings

Setting Navigator Options