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Essentials of Adobe InDesign 2

Essentials of Adobe InDesign 2

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No faster way to learn InDesign

Learn InDesign the IconLogic way, using our unique "skills & drills" approach to learning. This book will have you using InDesign 2 like a professional, in just a few short days. Here is what you will learn:

The InDesign Environment and Text Basics

Start InDesign and Open a Document | Change Views by Zooming | Scroll by Dragging the Page | Show and Hide Palettes | View Multiple Documents | Create a New Document | Change Document Setup | Create a Text Frame | Create Graphics Frames | Resize and Move Page Elements | Customize Preferences | Create a Text Frame | Type Text Into a Text Frame | Work with Overset Text | Modify a Text Frame | Make Simple Edits | Select Text | Cut, Copy, and Paste Text | Change Character Attributes

Text Formatting

Place Text | Align Paragraphs | Create Multiple Columns | Set a First Line Indent | Add Paragraph Space | Set Leading | Set Paragraph Rules | Flow Text onto Multiple Pages | Navigate aMulti-Page Document | Set Pages Palette Options | Insert and Delete Pages | Work with a Master Text Frame | Modify a Master Text Frame | Use Step and Repeat | Add Ruler Guides to the Page | Use The Selection Tool To Thread Frames | Use the Selection Tool to Unthread | Thread Text AcrossMultiple Pages | Create Flexible Text Threads | Set and Move a Tab Stop | Add a Fill Character | Set a Decimal Tab Stop | Use the "Align to Other" Tab | Create a Hanging Indent | Apply Text Formatting Using the Eyedropper Tool

Graphics, Objects and PDFs

Place an Image On the Page | Place an Image in an Existing Frame | Move and Crop an Image | Fit an Image Non-Proportionally and Center a Picture | Change the Scale of an Image | Rotate and Skew an Image | Resize the Frame and Graphic with Mouse and Keyboard | Flip an Image Horizontally and Vertically | Change the Fill Color of a Frame | Create a Clipping Path | Customize a Clipping Path | Use Step and Repeat | Align Objects | Group Items | Lock Position | Resize a Group | Compound Paths | Pass Through a Stack | Change and Edit a Shape | Add Arrowheads to a Line | Change Frame Content | Create a Multiple Column Text Frame | Use Find/Change | Format Text and Paragraphs | Add Ruler Guides | Place a Graphic onto the Page | Create a Text Wrap around an Object | Spell Check a Document | Preflight and Package a File for Handoff | Create a PDF

CMYK Colors, Master Pages and Libraries

Change the Units & Increments to Picas | Transforma Frame | Add and Use Process Color | Type and Format Text | Create and Use a Library | Create a Master Page | Add Objects to a Master Page | Use an Existing library | Add an Automatic Page Number | Duplicate and Rename Master Pages | Assign a MasterPage | Wrap Text Around an Image | Edit a Text Wrap


Create a Body Text Paragraph Style | Create a Headline Paragraph Style | Edit a Style | Apply Direct Formatting to a Paragraph | Create a New Style Based on a Selection | Lock Text to a Paragraph Grid | Insert Drop Caps | Create and Use a Character Style

Tracking, Kerning, and Hyphenation

Track Text | Kern Letter Pairs | Use Tracking as a Layout Tool | Adjust Hyphenation | Create User Dictionary Hyphenation Exceptions | Work with Discretionary Hyphens | Prevent Selected Text from Breaking | Outdent Punctuation


Draw a Table | Add Data, Columns and Rows | Combine Cells and Format Text | Format a Table | Change Text Rotation and Cell Stroke Weight | Place Graphics Into Table Cells | Convert Text Into a Table | Scale a Table and its Content

Fonts, Links and Templates

Use Find Font to Replace a Font | Use the Links Palette to Update a Graphic | Create and Use a Template

Long Documents

Create a Book File | Add Documents to a Book File | Reorder and Remove Book Documents | Synchronize Selected Documents | Create a Table of Contents Style | Create a Table of Contents | Add Index Entries | Generate an Index |Change the Index Punctuation | Create Index Paragraph