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10 CC. Tenology (4 CD + DVD)

10 CC. Tenology (4 CD + DVD)

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10 CC. Tenology. The Singles


Johnny Don't Do It

Rubber Bullets

The Dean And I

Sand In My Face

Somewhere In Hollywood

The Worst Band In The World

Headline Hustler

The Wall Street Shuffle

Silly Love

Life Is A Minestrone

I'm Not In Love

Art For Art's Sake

I'm Mandy Fly Me

Lazy Ways

The Things We Do For Love

Good Morning Judge

People In Love

10 CC. Tenology

Dreadlock Holiday

Reds In My Bed

For You And I


From Rochdale To Ocho Rios

It Doesn't Matter At All

Les Nouveaux Riches

Don't Turn Me Away

The Power Of Love

Run Away

24 Hours

Feel The Love

Woman In Love

Welcome To Paradise

10 CC. Tenology

The Hospital Song

Fresh Air For My Mama

Clockwork Creep

Oh Effendi

The Sacro-Iliac


Old Wild Men

Une Nuit A Paris


Flying Junk

The Second Sitting For The Last Supper


I Wanna Rule The World

Rock'n'roll Lullaby

Don't Hang Up

Feel The Benefit

I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor

Take These Chains

10 CC. Tenology

Bee In My Bonnet

Hot Sun Rock

4% Of Something


Gismo My Way

Channel Swimmer

Good News

Get It While You Can

Hot To Trot

Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste

I'm So Laid Back, I'm Laid Out

Nothing Can Move Me

People In Love

The Recording Of The Dean And I

01. Rubber Bullets
02. Life Is A Minestrone
03. I'm Not In Love
04. Dreadlock Holiday
05. Silly Love
06. The Wall Street Shuffle
07. Baron Samedi
08. Old Wild Men
09. Oh Effendi
10. Fresh Air For My Mama
11. Rubber Bullets
12. Fresh Air For My Mama
13. The Wall Street Shuffle
14. Dreadlock Holiday
15. Run Away

Promo Video
01. Donna
02. I'm Not In Love
03. Art For Art's Sake
04. I'm Mandy Fly Me
05. Good Morning Judge
06. People In Love
07. Dreadlock Holiday
08. One-Two-Five
09. Feel The Love
10. Woman In Love

Picture Format: PAL 4x3
Format: DVD-9
Time: 98 mins.
Color Mode: Color
Region Code: 0 (All)
Language And Audio Content: English / Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles: No

Издание содержит многостраничный буклет-книгу в твердом переплете с фотографиями, текстми песен и дополнительной информацией на английском языке и 5 фотографий-открыток.
Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в подарочную коробку.