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Ozon is the most popular internet shop selling Russian language goods Books, Movies, Music, and Software.

We have been operating from Russia since 1998 and sell worldwide to customers in 56 different countries.
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We have the widest range of Russian books including all your favorites such as Pushkin, Chekhov, Bulgakov, and Bill Gates. We also have Russian antique books and other rare items.
Ozon has a huge range of movies in Russian; on video, DVD and Video CD. So if you need Brat 2, Gladiator, Star Wars or classic Kino, Ozon has it all from Menshikov to Mel Gibson to Makarova.
Russian music? Of course! Over 8,000CDs and audio cassettes from Alsou to Zemfira, not forgetting Rubenstein, Shostakovich, and Tchaikovsky or Aquarium, Bravo and Voskresenie.
Russian software is a specialty too: Russian games, business software, translation software and utilities. If its C++, Java, Windows, UNIX or XML programming, we have it covered in Russian.
Were not just a store: Ozon is a complete Russian entertainmentresource. A comprehensive guide to the Russian cultural scene in Moscow, St. Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia.

Ozon is the most convenient way for Russian speaking e-shoppers to buy Russiangoods at Russian prices and receive a constant update on the latest developments and trends in Russian culture

Let Ozon Answer your Questions:

Why is Ozon the Best?

The largest assortment of Russian Entertainment

Ozon has an enormous assortment of products and if we havent got what your looking for then please ask us to find it!

Audio cassettes2,500

Informational content of over 10.000 documents

Ozon is a great resource for information on literature and the movie and music industries. Our content database of over 3 Gigabytes includes:

How does delivery work?

Where are you?

You have different delivery options depending on where you are located in the World and can deliver to your home, office or to someone else you designate (if the item is a gift, for example). We are continuallyintroducing improved delivery services, so please look for new options when you make your order.

After we have assembled your order (normally within 24 hours, but sometimes longer if we have to specially order an item for you) the following delivery times are indicative as to when you should receive your order:


    Ozon Courier Delivery4-24 hours

Moscow Region

    Ozon Courier Delivery24 hours
    Postal Delivery7 days

St. Petersburg

    Ozon Courier Delivery2 days

Rest of Russia

    Postal Delivery1-4 weeks
    National Courier Service (DHL)2 days


    Ozon Courier Delivery7-10 days
    International Postal Service2-6 weeks
    International Courier Service (DHL)2 days

USA and Canada

    International Postal Service2-10 weeks
    International Courier Service (DHL)2 days


    International Postal Service2-6 weeks
    International Courier Service (DHL)2 days

Rest of the World

    International Postal Service2-10 weeks
    International Courier Service (DHL)2 days

A note about courier deliveries:

When you choose to receive your order directly via oneof our couriers (Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and Israel) we will contact you to arrange delivery. This is to make sure that someone will be available to receive the order and also to give you notice that we will be calling.

How can I make a payment to Ozon?

Where are you?

We have different payments options depending on where you are located in the World. When you make your order, a list of different options available will be presented to you so that you can choose the most convenient payment method for you.

If you are located where we make Ozon courier deliveries (Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and Israel) we can accept cash-on-delivery. Otherwise, we can accept Credit Cards (Visa,MasterCard), Postal Orders (Russian), and payment through Sberbank.

Unfortunately, currently we are unable to accept American Express cards. We are working on this and hope to be able to add this payment option soon.

Here is a guide to the best payment options:

Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Israel

Rest of Russia

Rest of World

More information about payments to Ozon can be found on our web-site in the help section //

A note about security:

Ozon is especially careful to keep customer information and Credit Card data secure. We do not pass your personal information to outside parties (with the exception of your delivery information when do not deliver your order ourselves).

For Credit Cards payments, Ozon uses the ASSISTTM payments system which is highly secure and is recognized as such by Verisign. During this process, to make operations even more secure, Ozon itself never sees or handles your Credit Card information.

For more information please visit ASSISTTM at //

How can I get a discount or take advantage of Ozons promotions?

Customer Promotions

Ozon always has a number of promotions running to make sure you can get the best value-for-money from our store. You could save as much as 25% on our normal prices. Look out for special campaigns youcan opt-in to our mailing list to receive information about even more discounts.

Heres a guide to some of the promotions we are currently running (some of these are running for a limited time so hurry with your order!):

Order size discounts well automatically give you a discount if you order more items:

    Order size% discount
    1000-1500 rubles (approximately US$ 35-50)2%
    1500-2000 rubles (approximately US$ 50-70)3%
    More than 2000 rubles (approximately US$ 70)5%

VIP Program - well give you an extra discount if youre a special customer:

    VIP Level% discount
    Gold VIP (Accumulation of $800 in a 4 month period) 10%
    VIP (Accumulation of $400 in a 4 month period)3%

Corporate discount program want even more discounts for you and your colleagues?

    Ozon has a special program to give another 5% discount to companies and their employees. Youllneed to have your Office Manager apply to Ozon and give us the details of your email domain (thats how we identify you, i.e. Contact us at:

Thematic discounts further discounts on special sections of our catalogue:

    Ozon gives another 10% discount on thematic groups of books, videos, CDs or software from our catalogue. Its updated every 10 days so watch outfor where the discount goes next!

Id like to be an Ozon Partner

The Ozon Partnership Program

Ozon partners with web sites that are interested in providing book, movie, music and software information for its visitors.


Contact us at:

Ive got a problem how can I contact Ozon?

Ozon has a high level of customer service

All our efforts go into making the shopping experience better and easier for you. If you find something you dont like: please tell us

You can contact Ozon by going to // There you can go directly to the appropriate people to solve your problem or ours!

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