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Leonard Bernstein. Theatre Works (7 CD)

Leonard Bernstein. Theatre Works (7 CD)

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CD 1: Leonard Bernstein. On The Town

Claire - Frederica Von Stade
Hildy - Tyne Daly
Ivy - Marie Mclaughlin
Gabey - Thomas Hampson
Chip - Kurt Ollmann
Ozzie - David Garrison
Pitkin / First Workman - Samuel Ramey
Madame Dilly - Evelyn Lear
The Nightclub Singer - Cleo Laine
Diana Dream - Meriel Dickinson
Two Workmen - Lindsay Benson, Stewart Collins
Three "New" Sailors - Lindsay Benson, Bruce Ogsten, Nicholas Sears
Rajah Bimmy - Adolph Green
London Voices
London Symphony Orchestra
Michael Tilson Thomas

Act I
01. I Feel Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet (3 Workmen, Quartet, Ozzie, Chip, Gabey)
02. New York, New York (Ozzie, Chip, Gabey)
03. Presentation Of Miss Turnstiles (Announcer, Ivy)
04. Gabey's Comin' / Pickup Song (Ozzie, Chip, Gabey, Girls)
05. Taxi Number: Come Up To My Place (Chip, Hildy)
06. Carried Away (Claire, Ozzie)
07. Lonely Town (Gabey)
08. High School Girls (Orchestra)
09. Lonely Town - Pas De Deux (Ballet Music) (Orchestra)
10. Carnegie Hall Pavane (Ivy, Madame Dilly, Chorus)
11. I Can Cook Too (Hildy)
12. Lucky To Be Me (Gabey, Chorus)
13. Times Square: Finale, Act I (Ballet Music) (Orchestra)

Act II
14. So Long, Baby (Chorus)
15. I Wish I Was Dead (Diana Dream)
16. Ya Got Me (Hildy, Ozzie, Claire, Chip)
17. Ain't Got No Tears Left (Lyrics By Leonard Bernstein) (Nightclub Singer)
18. Pitkin's Song (Pitkin)
19. Subway Ride And Imaginary Coney Island -
20. The Great Lover Displays Himself -
21. Pas De Deux (Ballet Music) (Orchestra)
22. Some Other Time (Claire, Hildy, Ozzie, Chip)
23. The Real Coney Island (Ballet Music) (Rajah Bimmy)
24. Finale (Company)

25. The Intermission's Great (Chorus)

CD 2: Leonard Bernstein. Candide

Candide - Jerry Hadley
Cunegonde - June Anderson
Dr. Pangloss / Martin - Adolph Green
Old Lady - Christa Ludwig
Governor / Vanderdendur - Nicolai Gedda
Paquette - Della Jones
Maximilian / Captain - Kurt Ollmann
Bear-Keeper / Inquisitor - Clive Bayley
Tsar Ivan
Cosmetic Merchant / Inquisitor - Neil Jenkins
Prince Charles Edward
Doctor / Inquisitor - Lindsay Benson
King Stanislaus
Junkman / Inquisitor - Richard Suart
King Hermann Augustus
Alchemist / Inquisitor - John Treleaven
Sultan Achmet/ Crook
London Symphony Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra
Leonard Bernstein

Act I
01. 1. Overture
02. 1a. Westphalia Chorale (Chorus)
Lyrics: Bernstein
03. 2. Life Is Happiness Indeed (Candide, Maximilian, Cunegonde, Paquette)
04. 3. The Best Of All Possible Worlds (Pangloss, Candide, Cunegonde, Maximilian, Paquette)
La Louche
05. За. Universal Good (Cunegonde, Paquette, Candide, Maximilian)
06. 4. Oh, Happy We (Candide, Cunegonde)
07. 5. It Must Be So (Candide's Meditation) (Candide)
08. 6. Westphalia (Chorus)
09. 6a. Battle Music (Instrumental)
10. 7. Candide's Lament (Candide)
La Louche
11. 8. Dear Boy (Pangloss, Chorus)
12. 9. Auto-Da-Fe (What A Day) (Chorus, Bear-Keeper, Cosmetic Merchant, Doctor, Junkman, Alchemist, Pangloss, Candide, Grand Inquisitor, Inquisitors)
La Touche / Wilbur
13. 10. Candide Begins His Travels (Instrumental)
10A. It Must Be Me (Candide's Second Meditation) (Candide)
14. 11. The Paris Waltz (Instrumental)
15. 12. Glitter And Be Gay (Cunegonde)
16. 13. You Were Dead, You Know (Candide, Cunegonde)
La Touche
17. 14. I Am Easily Assimilated (Old Lady's Tango) (Old Lady, Chorus)
18. 15. Quartet Finale (Candide, Cunegonde, Old Lady, Captain, Chorus)

CD 3: Leonard Bernstein. Candide

Act II
01. 16. Universal Good (Chorus)
02. 17. My Love (Governor's Serenade) (Governor, Cunegonde)
Wilbur / La Touche
03. 18. We Are Women (Polka) (Cunegonde, Old Lady)
04. 19. The Pilgrim's Procession / Alleluia (Maximilian, Paquette, Chorus)
05. 20. Quiet (Old Lady, Governor, Cunegonde)
06. 21. Introduction To Eldorado (Instrumental)
07. 22. The Ballad Of Eldorado (Candide, Chorus)
08. 23. Words, Words, Words (Martin's Laughing Song) (Martin)
09. 24. Bon Voyage (Vanderdendur, Chorus)
10. 25. The Kings' Barcarolle (Charles Edward, Candide, Hermann Augustus, Pangloss, Sultan Achmet, Tsar Ivan, Stanislaus)
11. 26. Money, Money, Money (Venice Gambling Scene) (Croupier, Ferone, Chorus)
12. 27. What's The Use (Old Lady, Ragotski, Maximilian, Crook, Chorus)
13. 28. The Venice Gavotte (Croupier, Pangloss, Old Lady, Candide, Cunegonde)
Wilbur / Parker
14. 29. Nothing More Than This (Candide)
15. 30. Universal Good (Life Is Neither) (Chorus)
Hellman / Bernstein
16. 31. Make Our Garden Grow (Finale) (Candide, Cunegonde, Old Lady, Paquette, Governor, Maximilian, Pangloss, Chorus)

CD 4: Leonard Bernstein. West Side Story

Maria - Kiri Те Kanawa
Tony - Jose Carreras
Anita - Tatiana Troyanos
Riff - Kurtollmann
Rosalia - Louise Edeiken
Francisca - Angelina Reaux
Consuelo - Stella Zambalis
Action - David Livingston
Diesel - Marty Nelson
Baby John - Stephen Bogardus
A-Rab - Peter Thom
Snowboy - Todd Lester
Bernardo - Richard Harrell
Leonard Bernstein

Act I
01. 1. Prologue (Instrumental)
02. 2. Jet Song (Riff And Jets)
03. 3. Something's Coming (Tony)
4. The Dance At The Gym (Instrumental)
04. Blues
05. Promenade
06. Mambo
07. Cha-Cha
08. Meeting Scene (Tony And Maria)
09. Jump
10. 5. Maria (Tony)
11. 6. Balcony Scene (Tonight) (Tony And Maria)
12. 7. America (Anita, Rosalia And Girls)
13. 8. Cool (Riff And Jets)
14. 9. One Hand, One Heart (Tony And Maria)
15. 10. Tonight (Ensemble) (Riff, Bernardo, Anita, Tony, Maria, Sharks, Jets)
16. 11. The Rumble (Instrumental)

Act II
17. 12. I Feel Pretty (Maria And Girls)
18. 13. Ballet Sequence (Beginning) (Tony And Maria)
19. Transition To Scherzo (Instrumental)
20. Scherzo (Instrumental)
21. Somewhere (A Girl)
22. Procession And Nightmare (Entire Company)
23. 14. Gee, Officer Krupke (Jets)
24. 15. A Boy Like That (Anita And Maria)
25. I Have A Love (Maria And Anita)
26. 16. Taunting Scene (Instrumental)
27. 17. Finale (Maria And Tony)

CD 5: Leonard Bernstein. A Quiet Place

Old Sam - Chester Ludgin
Dede - Beverly Morgan
Junior - John Brandstetter
Francois - Peter Kazaras
Susie - Jean Kraft
Bill - Theodor Uppman
Mrs. Doc - Clarity James
Doc - John Kuether
Funeral Director - Charles Walker
Analyst - Douglas Perry
Dinah - Wendy White
Young Sam - Edward Crafts
Trio - Louise Edeiken, Mark Thomson, Kurtollmann
Leonard Bernstein

Act I
01. Chorale: The Path Of Truth Is Plain And Safe (Chorus, Voices In The Darkness)

02. Dialogues: I'm Sorry, Bill (Funeral Director, Bill, Susie, Analyst, Doc, Chorus, Mrs. Doc, Dede, Francois)
03. Readings: Who Can Find A Virtuous Women? (Doc, Mrs. Doc, Dede, Chorus, Bill, Susie, Francois, Junior, Funeral Director, Analyst)
Chorale: God Has His Ways (Chorus)
04. Aria: You're Late (Sam)
05. Trio: Dear Daddy (Junior, Dede, Frangois)
06. Finale: Merry Christmas To You Too (Junior, Sam, Dede, Frangois)
07. Postlude

Act II
08. Wish I Could Sleep (Sam)

Scene 2: Trouble In Tahiti (I)
09. Doa - Daa - Day - Day - (Trio)
10. How Could You Say? (Young Sam, Dinah)
11. Yes? Oh, Mr. Patridge! (Young Sam, Trio)
12. I Was Standing In A Garden (Dinah, Young Sam)
13. Well, Of All People (Young Sam, Dinah)

CD 6: Leonard Bernstein. A Quiet Place

Scene 3
01. June Twelfth (Sam, Dede, Francois, Junior, Chorus)
02. But First I'd Like To Sing You A Little Song (Junior, Francois, Dede, Chorus, Sam)
03. Quartet: My God, Dinah (Sam, Dede, Frangois, Junior)
04. Love Scene: There's So Much, Too Much (Francois, Dede)
The Path Of Truth Is Plain And Safe (Chorus)

Scene 4: Trouble In Tahiti (Ii)
05. Skid A Lit Day (Trio)
06. There's A Law (Young Sam)
07. What A Movie (Dinah, Trio)
08. There's A Law (Young Sam, Trio, Dinah, Chorus)

09. Prelude

10. Morning! Good Morning (Dede)
11. "The One And Only Cereal" (Junior, Dede, Chorus)
12. Tag 1: You're ... It! (Junior, Dede, Frangois)
Trio: ... Around. Happy Twenty-First Birthday (Junior, Dede, Frangois, Chorus)
Tag 2: Come On, Dede, It's Your Turn! (Junior, Sam, Dede, Frangois, Chorus)
13. Hmm. Bye, Bye (Voice (Dinah), Sam, Junior, Dede, Frangois, Chorus)
14. "My Heart Shall Be ... Thy ... Garden" (Dede, Junior, Sam, Chorus, Frangois)

CD 7: Leonard Bernstein. A White House Cantata

President - Thomas Hampson
First Lady - June Anderson
Seena - Barbara Hendricks
Lud - Kenneth Tarver
Little Lud - Victor Acquah
Henry - Keel Watson
Admiral Cockburn - Neil Jenkins
London Voices
London Symphony Orchestra
Kent Nagano

Part I
President George Washington
02. Ten Square Miles By The Potomac River (Washington, Delegates Of The 13 States)
President John Adams
03. If I Was A Dove (Little Lud, Slave Owners)
04. Welcome Home, Miz Adams (White House Servants)
05. Take Care Of This House (Mrs. Adams, Little Lud)
President Thomas Jefferson
06. The President Jefferson Sunday Luncheon March (Jefferson, Guests)
President James Madison
07. Seena (Lud)
08. Sonatina (Admiral Cockburn, Officers Of The Royal Navy, Lud)
President James
09. Lud's Wedding (Lud, Seena, Chorus)
10. Themonroviad (Monroe, Mrs. Monroe)
11. This Time (Seena, Lud)
President James Buchanan
12. We Must Have A Ball (Buchanan)

Part II
President Andrew Johnson
13. Bright And Black (Henry, Little Lud, Seena, Lud, Other Servants)
Presidents Ulysses S. Grant And Rutherford B. Hayes
14. Duet For One (Mrs. Grant / Mrs. Hayes, Hayes, Judge, Chorus)
President Chester Alan Arthur

The Money-Lovin' Minstrel Show:
15. (A) Minstrel Parade
16. (B) Pity The Poor
17. (C) The Grand Old Party (Minstrels, Mr. Simoleon, Shekel Brothers)
President Theodore Roosevelt
18 To Make Us Proud (Roosevelt, Entire Company)
Издание содержит 32-страничный буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, немецком и французском языках.