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John Adams. Nixon In China (3 CD)

Код товара: 19718011

John Adams. Nixon In China

Act I, Scene I: Beginning

Act I, Scene I: Soldiers Of Heaven Hold The Sky

Act I, Scene I: The People Are The Heroes Now

Act I, Scene I: Landing Of The Spirit Of '76

Act I, Scene I: Your Flight Was Smooth, I Hope?

Act I, Scene I: News Has A Kind Of Mystery:

Act I, Scene II: Beginning

Act I, Scene II: You Know We'll Meet With Your Confrere / The Democratic Candidate / If He Should Win.

Act I, Scene II: You've Said That There's A Certain Well-Known Tree

Act I, Scene II: Founders Come First, Then Profiteers.

Act I, Scene II: We No Longer Need Confucius.

Act I, Scene II: Like The Ming Tombs.

Act I, Scene III: Beginning

Act I, Scene III: Ladies And Gentlemen, Comrades And Friends,

Act I, Scene III: Mr. Premier, Distinguished Guests,

Act I, Scene III: Cheers

John Adams. Nixon In China

Act II, Scene I: Beginning

Act II, Scene I: Look Down At The Earth,

Act II, Scene I: This Is Prophetic!

Act II, Scene I: At Last The Weather's Warming Up.

Act II, Scene II: Beginning

Act II, Scene II: Oh What A Day I Thought I'd Die!

Act II, Scene II: Whip Her To Death!

Act II, Scene II: Tropical Storm

Act II, Scene II: Flesh Rebels

Act II, Scene II: I Have My Brief

Act II, Scene II: It Seems So Strange

Act II, Scene II: I Am The Wife Of Mao Tse-Tung

John Adams. Nixon In China

Act III: Beginning

Act III: Some Men You Cannot Satisfy.

Act III: I Am No One.

Act III: The Maos Dance

Act III: Sitting Around The Radio

Act III: Let Us Examine What You Did.

Act III: When I Woke Up / I Dimly Realized The Jap / Bombers Had Given Us A Miss-

Act III: I Have No Offspring.

Act III: I Can Keep Still,

Act III: After That The Sweat Had Soaked My Uniform

Act III: Peking Watches The Stars,

Act III: You Won At Poker.

Act III: I Am Old And I Cannot Sleep