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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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A chilling thriller and a classic from the internationally bestselling Sidney Sheldon, author of The Other Side of Midnight and If Tomorrow Comes.
In New York, Denver, Paris and Berlin, four people have died separately in apparent accidents.
The widows of two of the dead, Diane Stevens, a well-connected, affluent artist from the Upper East Side and Kelly Harris, an African-American model, find themselves under ruthless attack and are drawn together in fear, confusion and for mutual protection. But why are they being targeted? Is there a connection to the mystery behind their husband's deaths?
Meanwhile, Tanner Kingsley, Chief Executive of an international Think Tank created only seven years ago, is on the cusp of an amazing discovery which could alter the future of the world and deliver unbelievable power into the company's hands. But are the mysterious deaths connected to this volatile secret?
Taut with suspense and with an unnervingly realistic premise that could alter our lives, "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" is Sheldon at the top of his form.