Chris De Burgh. Classic Album Selection (5 CD)

Chris De Burgh. Classic Album Selection (5 CD)

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Chris De Burgh. Spanish Train And Other Stories

Spanish Train

Lonely Sky

This Song For You

Patricia The Stripper

A Spaceman Came Travelling

I'm Going Home

The Painter

Old Friend

The Tower

Just Another Poor Boy

Chris De Burgh. Far Beyond These Castle Walls

Hold On

The Key

Windy Night

Sin City

New Moon

Watching the World

Lonesome Cowboy

Satin Green Shutters

Turning Round


Chris De Burgh. At The End Of A Perfect Day

Broken Wings

Round And Around

I Will

Summer Rain



In A Country Churchyard (Let Your Love Shine On)

A Rainy Night In Paris

If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go

Perfect Day

Chris De Burgh. Into The Light

Last Night

Fire On The Water

The Ballroom Of Romance

The Lady In Red

Say Goodbye To It All

The Spirit Of Man

Fatal Hesitation

One Word (Straight To The Heart)

For Rosanna

The Leader

The Vision

What About Me?

Chris De Burgh. Spark To A Flame

This Waiting Heart

Don't Pay The Ferryman

Fire On The Water

Sailing Away

The Lady In Red


Say Goodbye To It All

One Word

A Spaceman Came Travelling

Ship To Shore

Missing You

Diamond In The Dark

Tender Hands

The Getaway

Where Peaceful Waters Folw

High On Emotion
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