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Rock-A-Billy Rave (10 CD)

Rock-A-Billy Rave (10 CD)

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Rock-A-Billy Rave

David Houston - Sugar Sweet

Lee Denson - New Shoes

Hoyt Johnson - Little Boy Blue

Dave Rich - Rosie Let's Get Cozy

Dick Glasser - Catty Town

Nan Castle - Star Light, Star Bright

The Sprouts - Teen Billy Baby

Skeeter Bonn - Rock-A-Bye-Baby

Autry Inman - Mary Nell

Art Wood - Hey Jibbo

The Mccoys - Full-Grown Cat

Ted Harris - Just Thought I'd Set You Straight

Jimmy & Johnny - Sweet Love On My Mind

Jackie Lee Cochran - Mama Don't You Think I Know

Johnny Carroll - Crazy, Crazy Lovin'

Terry Noland - Ten Little Women

Johnny Bell - Flip, Flop And Fly

Autry Inman - It Would Be A Doggone Lie

The Chavis Brothers - Baby Don't Leave Me

Johnny Carroll - Conine Corrina

Rock-A-Billy Rave

Roy Hall - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Jackie Lee Cochran - Ruby Pearl

Eddie Fontaine - Cool It Baby

Gene Maltais - Crazy Baby

Eddie Bond - Slip Slip Slippin' In

Rose Maddox - My Little Baby

Jimmy Heap - Sebbin' Come Elebbin

Louvin Brothers - Cash On The Barrelhead

Dub Dickerson - My Gal Gertie

Jerry Reed - When I Found You

The Sprouts - Luscious Lovin' Lucy

Autry Inman - Dream Boat

Jack Clement - Whole Lotta Lookin'

The Lane Brothers - Uh Uh Honey

Dave Rich - Rosie Let's Get Crazy

Dwayne Hickman - School Dance

Cliffy & Jerry - Go To Sleep Little Suzie

The Rhythm Jesters - Rock To The Music

The LeGarde Twins - Roll, Rock'n Roll That Hula Hoop

The Sprouts - Goodbye She's Gone

Rock-A-Billy Rave

The Lane Brothers - Little Brother

Janis Martin - Teen Street

Mac Curtis - Half Hearted Love

Joe Montgomery - Planetary Run

Rusty Isabel - Firewater

Bobby & The Demons - The Woo

Charlie Bop Trio - Mister Big Feet

Johnny Fallin - Party Kiss

Simon Сrum (Ferlin Huskey) - Bop Cat Bop

Eddie Bond - Flip Flop Mama

Jimmy Heap - Go Ahead On

Kenny Loran - I Chickened Out

The Louvin Brothers - Red Hen Hop

Ferlin Huskey - Slow Down Brother

Santord Clark - Lonesome For A Letter

Faron Young - I Can't Dance

Faron Young - Alone With You

Bobby Nonis - I Went Rockin'

The Farmer Boys - My Baby Done Left Me

Jean Shepard - Jeopardy

Rock-A-Billy Rave

Gene Brown - Big Door

Mac Wiseman - Step It Up And Go

Rusty Isabell - Mexicali Baby

Pat Flowers - Rock-Sock The Boogie

Jean Shepard - He's My Baby

Bob Denton - Skinny Minnie

Ray Sharpe - That's The Way I Feel

Dick Lory - Ballroom Baby

Mickey Gilley - Come On Baby

Bob Denton - Playboy

Al Coker - Don't Go Baby

Keith Courvale - Trapped Love

Arnie Derksen - She Wanna Rock

Jim Ringo - I Like This Kind Of Music

Arlie Duff - Alligator Come Across

Lew Burdette - Mary Lou

Matt Lucas - Put Me Down

Niki Sullivan - It's All Over

Kay Cee Jones - Johnny, Johnny, Johnny

Danny Wolfe - Pucker Paint

Rock-A-Billy Rave

Lou Graham - Wee Willie Brown

Eddie Fontaine - One And Only

Bill Allen - Please Give Me Something

Pat Ferguson - Fool I Am

Ronnie Dee - Action Packed

Bob Luman - Red Hot

Jackie DeShannon - Trouble

Ronnie Pearson - Hot Shot

Billy Gray - Tennessee Toddy

Bob & Lucille - Eeny Meeny Miney Мое

Roy Hall - All By Myself

Kip Tyler - Rumble Rock

The Rockin' Saints - Cheat On Me Baby

Vince Taylor - Brand New Cadillac

Chester Smith - You Gotta Move

Jeff Daniels - Daddy-O-Rock

Baker Knight - Bring My Cadillac Back

Steve Carl - Curfew

Billy Harlan - School House Rock

Pat Cupp - Long Gone Daddy

Rock-A-Billy Rave

Joe Therrien Jr. - Come Back To Me Darling

Red Sovine - Juke Joint Johnny

Bob Gallion - Baby Love Me

Justin Tubb - Rock It On Down To My House

Conway Twitty - Long Black Train

The York Brothers - Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby

The Berry Kids - You're My Teenage Baby

Roy Hall - Don't Stop Now

Ron Hargrave - Latch On

Andy Starr - Rockin' Rollin' Stone

Charley & Junior - Cuddle Lovin' Baby

Cecil Campbell - Rock And Roll Fever

Paul Davis - Big Money

Joe Therrien Jr. - Hey Babe, Lets Go Downtown

Thelma Blackmon - I Wanta Waltz

Buck Griffin - Stutterin' Papa

Frank Sandy - Let's Go Rock And Roll

Bob Gallion - My Square Dancin' Mama

Joe Therrien Jr. - You're Long Gone

Bernie Early - Your Kisses Kill Me

Rock-A-Billy Rave

Bolean Barry - Long Sideburns

Carson Robison - Rockin' And Rollin' Wtth Grandmaw

The Berry Kids - Rootie Tootie

Tom Tall - Hot Rod Is Her Name

Joe Therrien Jr. - Rock-A-Billy Boogie

Ronnie Summers - Salt And Pepper

Dusty Rose - Hula Rock

Dusty Rose - Rockin' Maracas

Sammy Masters - Some Like It Hot

Dickie Podolor - I Love You Girl

Charlie Ryan - Hot Rod Lincoln

Johnny Horton & Billy Barton - Bawlin' Baby

Eddie Miller - Patty Cake Man

Robert Luke Harshman - Stop Talkin', Start Lovin'

Tom Tall & Ruckus Tyler - Don't You Know

The Creel Sisters - Stop The Clock Rock

Bobby Lee Trammell - I Shure Do Love You Baby

Alvadean Coker - We're Gonna Bop

The Berry Kids - Go, Go, Go Right Into Town

Dorsey Bumette - Let's Fall In Love

Rock-A-Billy Rave

John & Jackie - Little Girl

Tommy Scott & His Ramblers - Dig Me Little Mama

Slim Willet - Come Sundown

Billy The Kid - Apron Strings

Bobby Sykes - Touch Of Loving

Wayne Handy - Betcha Didn't Know

Jerry Mason - Strange Feeling

Red Smith - Whoa Boy

Joey Biscoe - You Lovin' Doll

Bobby Helms - Tennessee Rock And Roll

Baker Knight - Just Relax

Freddie Neil & Friend - Listen Kitten

The Paris Brothers - This Is It

Mimi Roman - Little Lovin'

Billy Mize - Solid Sender

Johnny Powers - Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips

Matys Brothers - Crazy Street

Tommy Scott & His Ramblers - Jumpin' From Six To Six

Lewis Pruitt - Crazy Bullfrog

The Miller Brothers - Hey Pretty Baby

Rock-A-Billy Rave

Rose Maddox - Wild Wild Young Men

The Alcons - Black Jack

Mac Vickery - Goin' Back To St. Louis

Carl Belew - Cool Gator Shoes

Bobby Lord - So Doggone Lonesome

Wayne Handy - I Think You Oughta Look Again

Ronnie Self - Petrified

Joe Tate - I'm Free

The Collins Kids - Whistle Bait

Bobby Lord - Beautiful Baby

Maddox Brothers & Rose - The Death Of Rock And Roll

Derrell Felts - It's A Great Big Day

The Jet-Tones - Jet Tone Boogie

The Collins Kids - I'm In My Teens

Sammy Masters - Pink Cadillac

Rusty York - Sugaree

Jack King - I Just Learned To Rock

Dave Kipp - No Sweet Baby

The Collins Kids - Just Because

Chuck Sims - Little Pigeon

Rock-A-Billy Rave

Eddie Fontaine - Nothin' Shakin'

Mel Robbins - Save It

Billy Barrix - Cool Off Baby

Larry Diamond - True Love Come My Way

The Brothers - Lazy Susan

Bobby Sisco - Tall, Dark And Handsome Man

Dick Glasser - Crazy Love

Jerry Adams - Old Black Joe

Lou Josie - Breezin' Out

Billy Walker - Leavin' On My Mind

Roc LaRue - Baby Take Me Back

Eddie Fontaine - Don't Ya Know

Billy Barrix - Almost

Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker - Love Me

Joey Long - Lealla

Johnny Fuller - All Night Long

Bobby Sisco - Go Go Go

Lou Josie - Why Did You Leave Me

The Silva-Tones - Roses Are Blooming

Del Saint & The Devils - Rock Yea
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