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Definitive. Detroit Blues (3 CD)

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Definitive. Detroit Blues

I Got Eyes For You - John Lee Hooker

Sweet Lucy (Drinkin' Woman) - Calvin Frazier

Where Did You Stay Last Night? - Eddie 'Guitar'

Thirty Two Twenty - Doctor Ross

Forgive Me Darling - Baby Boy Warren

Hello Miss Jessie - Eddie 'Guitar' Burns

The Hucklebuck - Paul Williams

Mistreated Woman - Eddie Kirkland

Going Down The River - L.C.Green

Worried Life Blues No.2 - Big Maceo

It Hurts Me So - John Lee Hooker

Sugar Cane Highway - Playboy Fuller

Old Battle Ax - Robert Henry

Take Out Some Time - Little Miss Sharecropper

J.B. Boogie - Joe Weaver And His Blue Notes

Hastings Street Opera (Part 1) - Detroit Count

Ugly Woman Blues - Sylvester Cotton

Sweet Lucy - Andrew Dunham

When The Sun Is Shining - L.C.Green

My Baby Ooo - One String Sam

Sanafee - Baby Boy Warren

No More Doggin' - John Lee Hooker

Pet Milk Blues - Walter Mitchell

Root Hog - Robert Richard

Washboard Blues (Part 1) - Washboard Willie

Definitive. Detroit Blues

Bad Lover Blues Baby - Boy Warren

No Shoes - Eddie Kirkland

Rock Me Mama - John Lee Hooker

Lookin' For My Woman - Joe Von Battle

Nothing But Love - Bobo Jenkins

Remember Way Back - L.C. Green

Industrial Boogie - Doctor Ross

The Rainy Day Blues - Sonny Wilson

It's Time For Lovin' To Be Done - Eddie Kirklan

I Need $100 - One String Sam

Alabama Bus - Brother Will Hairston

We're Gonna Rock - Wild Billmoore

Good Rockin' Mama - Henry Smith

Prison Bound Blues - John Leehooker

Make It Good - Kitty Stephenson & Todd Rhodes

That's All Right - Eddie Kirkland

Lily Mae - Calvin Frazier

My Special Friend Blues - Baby Boy Warren

Something's Wrong With Mylittle Machine - Robert Henry

Mean Man Blues - Jon Brim

Stop Messin' Around - Walter Mitchell

Notoriety Woman - Slim Pickens

Baby Don't You Want To Go - Bobo Jenkins

I've Tried - Little Miss Sharecropper

Love Money Can't Buy - John Lee Hooker

Definitive. Detroit Blues

Please Take Me Back - John Lee Hooker

Papa's Boogie - Eddie 'Guitar' Burns

She's Double Crossing Woman - Calvin Frazier

Dark Night Blues - Johnny Howard

Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me - Baby Boy Warren

Red Hot Blues - T.J. Fowler

Gonna Play My Guitar - Playboy Fuller

Say Baby Say - T.J. Fowler & Alberta Adams

Hastings Street Opera (Part 2) - Detroit Count

Hattie Mae - Andrew Dunham

Dealing With The Devil - Eddie 'Guitar' Burns

Highway 61 Blues - Sampson Pittman

Sak Relation Blues - Sylvester Cotton

Bumble Bee Blues - John Lee Hooker

Natural Man Blues - Johnny Howard

Nervy Woman Blues - Baby Boy Warren

Lonesome Blues - Henry Smith

Ramblin' Around Blues - Sam Kelly

Wig Wearing Woman - Robert Richard

Rock House - Calvin Frazier

Burnt Toast - Wild Bill Moore

Ten Below Zero - Bobo Jenkins

I'm In The Highway, Man - Calvin Frazier

Big City Blues - Big Maceo

I Do Like I Please - John Lee Hooker