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Carl Orff. Carmina Burana

Carl Orff. Carmina Burana

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O Fortune

I Bemoan The Wounds Of Fortune

The Merry Face Of Spring

The Sun Warms Everything

Behold, The Pleasant Spring


The Noble Woods Are Burgeoning

Shopkeeper, Give Me Colour

Those Who Go Round And Round

If All The World Were Mine

Burning Inside

Once I Lived On Lakes

I Am The Abbot

When We Are In The Tavern

Cupid Flies Everywhere

Day, Night And Everything

A Girl Stood

In My Heart

If A Boy With A Girl

Come, Come, O Come

In The Balance

This Is The Joyful Time

Sweetest One

Hail, Most Beautiful One

O Fortune
В диск входят треки из следующих частей кантаты:
Fortune, Empress Of The World - 1, 2, 25 треки;
I Spring - с 3 по 5 треки;
On The Green - с 6 по 10 треки;
II In The Tavern - с 11 по 14 треки;
III The Court Of Love - с 15 по 23 треки;
Blanchefleur And Helen - 24 трек.