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The Corrs - Live at Lansdowne Road

The Corrs - Live at Lansdowne Road

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Irish brother-sister act The Corrs play their irresistible blend of light pop and traditional Celtic sounds at two different locations. The first is Dublin's remarkable open-air stadium, Lansdowne Road, where the group performed in front of 50,000 adoring fans. The second is North London's Finsbury Park, the site of the 2000 Fleadh (pronounced "Fluh") Festival. Eighteen lives songs and three bonus tracks are included.

01. Introduction
02. Only When 1 Sleep
03. The Right Time
04. Joy Of Life
05. Forgiven Not Forgotten
06. What Cаn I Do
07. No Frontiers
08. Runaway
09. Haste To The Wedding
10. Secret Life
11. Love To Love You
12. Queen Of Hollywood
13. Dreams Intro
14. Dreams
15. I Never Loved You Anyway
16. Lough Erin Shore
17. Closer
18. So Young
19. Toss The Feathers
20. Credits
"The Corrs - In Blue" Documentary