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Focusing on IELTS: Listening and Speaking Skills: With Answer Key (+ 4 CD)

Focusing on IELTS: Listening and Speaking Skills: With Answer Key (+ 4 CD)

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Focusing on IELTS: Listening and speaking skills, second edition, contains practical, in-depth strategies for developing listening and speaking skills in preparation for the IELTS examination. Ideal for independent study or class use, it has been designed for students who need to focus on specific test skills.

Key features:
- clear, up-to-date explanation of what is in the IELTS Listening and Speaking Tests;
- explicit information about how IELTS candidates are assessed;
- in-depth instruction to build specific test skills and strategies;
- eighty-five exercises to extend skills and strategies;
- expanded sections on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, designed to boost test performance;
- practical guidance on how to develop a self-study program;
- one complete Listening Practice Test;
- three complete Speaking Practice Tests, with detailed analysis of each candidate's performance;
- complete sets of questions for the three Speaking Tests;
- full transcripts and answer key for all exercises and Practice Tests;
- student-friendly design and layout;
- four audio CDs featuring international accents.
2 edition.

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