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Business Continuity For Dummies

Business Continuity For Dummies

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\"Be prepared". Those Scouts know what they're talking about. If disaster struck, could your business continue to operate? It might be fire, flood, storm, technical failure, or a quality control failure - either way, how can you minimise the risk of disruption to your business? Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a way to identify and manage risks to the smooth running of your company. The aim is to ensure you stay in business in the event of trouble. Written by a team of experts, Business Continuity For Dummies clearly sets out how to identify the risks to your organisation, how to create your own BCM Plan, how to apply BCM in practice (including quick wins that can be implemented with minimum fuss!) and what to do if the worst does happen. What are you waiting for? Take action now to ensure the survival of your business.