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Business Plans For Dummies, UK Edition, WHS Travel Edition

Business Plans For Dummies, UK Edition, WHS Travel Edition

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Map out a realistic business plan from scratch Need a hand with your business strategy? This straightforward guide leads you through all the main aspects of business planning, from clarifying objectives, to finding funding and researching customer behaviour. It contains the latest information on planning methods and initiatives (including planning in turbulent times). Realise your long-term goals understand what you want from your business and where you are headed Check out the competition practise the latest market research techniques to best position your business Sort out your finances construct a value chain, examine your cash-flow and calculate a sensible budget Prepare for change learn to read cultural, political and technological trends and develop strategic alternatives Open the book and find: Tips on writing a motivational mission statement Details of the latest consumer trends and online research resources How to seize lucrative opportunities before your competitors Forecasting and budgeting strategies for all businesses Advice on hiring and firing Ways to adapt your business model to economic change Learn to: Put together a watertight business strategy Plan achievable business goals Take advantage of the latest technology and marketing trends