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Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies, UK Edition

Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies, UK Edition

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Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies, UK Edition, provides practical, straightforward, and authoritative information for expectant dads - from their point of view. From the medical to the emotional, this title will prepare soon-to-fathers for all aspects of their partner's pregnancy, covering areas such as: Dealing with the concept of becoming a father Understanding the baby's development and their partner's changing body, trimester by trimester Surviving and thriving when delivery day arrives Planning for their new families future Table of Contents Introduction Part I: So You Want to Be a Dad Chapter 1: Fatherhood: A Glorious, Scary, Mind-Boggling, and Amazing Experience Chapter 2: Beyond the Bed: Conception Smarts Part II: Great Expectations: Nine Months and Counting Chapter 3: Surviving Sudden Doubts and Morning Sickness: The First Trimester Chapter 4: Growing Into the Second Trimester Chapter 5: The Fun Stuff: Nesting, Registering, and Naming Chapter 6: Expecting the Unexpected Chapter 7: In the Home Stretch: The Third Trimester Chapter 8: The Co-pilot's Guide to Birthing Options Part III: Game Time! Labour, Delivery, and Baby's Homecoming Chapter 9: Surviving Labour and Delivery Chapter 10: Caring for Your Newborn Chapter 11: Supporting the New Mum Part IV: A Dad's Guide to Worrying Chapter 12: Dealing with Difficult Issues after Delivery Chapter 13: Emergency Dad: Survival Tips for Bumps, Lumps, and Scary Moments Chapter 14: Time and Money: The High Cost of Having a Baby Chapter 15: Planning for Your New Family's Future Part V: The Part of Tens Chapter 16: Ten Things She Won't Ask for but Will Expect Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Be a Super Dad from Day One