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Mechanics of Materials for Dummies

Mechanics of Materials for Dummies

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With roots in physics and mathematics, engineering mechanics is the basis of all the mechanical sciences: civil engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and aeronautical and aerospace engineering.
Tracking a typical undergraduate course, Mechanics of Materials For Dummies gives you a thorough introduction to this foundational subject. You'll get clear, plain-English explanations of all the topics covered, including principles of equilibrium, geometric compatibility, and material behavior; stress and its relation to force and movement; strain and its relation to displacement; elasticity and plasticity; fatigue and fracture; failure modes; application to simple engineering structures, and more.
  • Tracks to a course that is a prerequisite for most engineering majors;
  • Covers key mechanics concepts, summaries of useful equations, and helpful tips.

  • From geometric principles to solving complex equations, Mechanics of Materials For Dummies is an invaluable resource for engineering students!