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Meditation For Dummies, w/Audio CD, 3rd Edition

Meditation For Dummies, w/Audio CD, 3rd Edition

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This 3rd edition of Meditation For Dummies includes 20 percent new and revised content, including: Don't Worry, Be Happy--with Meditation: New material investigating the recent research on the causes of happiness and how meditation can improve mood. This edition also features a set of suggested meditations for becoming happier. Your Brain on Meditation--and Other Recent Findings: Meditation For Dummies, 3rd Edition examines new research on brain changes in people practicing meditation. It also looks at the scientifically documented benefits of meditation, and the implications of these studies. New, revised and refreshed content throughout, including insight into the best meditation apps, electronic content, and websites. The pros and cons of such alternative forms of meditation is presented. A brand new CD.