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Job Search Letters For Dummies

Job Search Letters For Dummies

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Much has changed since the 3rd Edition of Cover Letters For Dummies was published in 2008. The economy and job market are slowly recovering from recession, while the number of applicants for available jobs is steadily increasing. To help applicants stand out from the crowd, a good cover letter is essential, now more than ever. This updated edition of Cover Letters For Dummies will include bleeding edge information from Joyce Lain Kennedy. Topics include effective strategies for internal career communications on topics such as raises, promotions, and position changes; rules for communicating professionally with texts, and networking on social media platforms such as twitter and LinkedIn; fresh and updated communication phrases to voice accomplishments and make job-fit statements; and post-interview etiquette and letters such as thank-yous, hire me reinforcement notes, and interest revival queries. Supplemental materials include more than 100 new sample letters that illustrate what a modern, communications-supported job search looks like and a collection of free, formatted templates available for download on Dummies.com so that readers can skip the formatting headaches.