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Management For Dummies, UK Edition, WHS Travel Edition

Management For Dummies, UK Edition, WHS Travel Edition

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Make your mark in the world of management Good management is vital to the success of every business but being a good manager isn't always easy. This book offers you expert advice on hiring the right staff, building effective teams, resolving office politics and maintaining your own work/life balance. Inside you'll find examples and guidance to help you identify the styles of management you need to succeed and to deal with the challenges of being a manager today. Be the best learn great techniques for coaching, mentoring and inspiring your employees to perform at their best Get to the point set goals and targets, and discover how to manage people and projects Connect with others use effective communication skills and discover the best ways to convey your messages Get political assess a wide range of management risks and learn key techniques for dealing with office politics Become a 21st-century manager harness the power of technology and use it to help with budgeting and accounting Open the book and find: How to take the first steps into management Advice on being a truly great interviewer Techniques on developing and mentoring employees Guidance on juggling priorities Why understanding your stakeholders is vital A guide to 21st-century functions of management Learn to: Use the latest management techniques, tools and technology Develop leadership skills and integrate them into your management style Manage a business and team through difficult times Become a great global manager