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Nikon D5100 For Dummies

Nikon D5100 For Dummies

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Nikon D5100 For Dummies helps amateur digital photographers get a grasp on the controls of their new camera as well as the photography concepts needed to great great shots. It also covers the new camera features that make the D5100 one of the most fun cameras for DSLR newcomers. Parts cover: Fast Tracks to Super Snaps - chapters cover basic camera controls and functions, shooting in auto mode, setting photo quality, and navigating menus and the view screen. Taking Creative Control - introduces the nuts and bolts of photography as it walks readers through settings that control lighting, exposure, focus, and color. Covers the new low-light and HDR settings. Working with Picture Files - taking the photos from the camera to the world via a computer, editing software, and printing. The Part of Tens - covers the new on-board effects features along with tips for improving images with software.