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Project Management for Dummies, WHS Travel Edition

Project Management for Dummies, WHS Travel Edition

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Guide your project to success from initial idea to final delivery In today's time-pressured, cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and high expectations are the norm. Projects are now the standard way of implementing change, and project management has become a vital skill for successful business professionals. Project Management For Dummies shows you how to succeed by focusing on what you need to deliver and then how to plan and control the project in order to deliver it. You will learn how to plan, keep the project on track, manage teams and control risk. You'll even get some tips on software – including free stuff – that will make things easier for you. Who, What, and Why – understand the expectations of your project Laying the foundations – learn to build your plans with a sturdy structure from start to finish The selection process – see how to get the very best from your teams Get in the driving seat – learn to take control and steer your project to success Open the book and find: Clear and simple explanation of powerful planning techniques Ways to track progress and stay in control How to identify and then control risk to protect your project Why understanding your project's stakeholders is key How to use technology to up your game Tips for writing a clear and convincing business case Advice on being an effective leader Techniques to help you work effectively with teams and specialists Learn to: Motivate your teams to perform to their full potential Plan, execute and deliver your projects with confidence Stay in control to deliver on time, within budget and to the right quality