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Manowar: Hell On Earth III (2 DVD)

Manowar: Hell On Earth III (2 DVD)

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From arena tours to the biggest festivals in the world, MANOWAR slaughter their way through another world tour delivering what heavy metal fans crave! Pure Power!
Hell On Earth III features more than 90 minutes of ear-numbing performances private behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and pre post show rituals.
This package also features the program 'Live In Germany The Ringfest', the legendary one-hour show that dominated the city of Cologne during the PopKomm. 2002 filmed and recorded in front of 27,000 people. This performance has been completely re-edited from at least a dozen cameras and remixed in 5.1 digital surround sound.
But that's not all! For the first time ever the bands entire video collection is included. Beginning with "Gloves Of Metal" to the latest "I Believe" plus several never before seen documentaries about the making of these videos.
Featuring more than 60 camera angles from performances in 17 countries and 35 cities, live footage from across the world, and the wildest, craziest and heaviest metal fans in the universe.
With the release of this double DVD MANOWAR have set the standard in heavy-metal video.
Get ready you're about to go to HELL for the third time in your life!

DVD 1 Chapters: Hell On Earth III

- Introduction
- Brazil / Manowar
- France
- Spain
- Czech Republic
- Holland
- Fighting The World
- Austria
- Switzerland
- Sweden (Part 1)
- Portugal
- Heart Of Steel
- Evil Eclipse
- Germany
- Belgium
- Greece
- Italy
- Kings Of Metal
- Duel Of The Titans
- Hail And Kill
- Nessun Dorma
- Return Of The Warlord
- Monsters Of The Millenium
- Denmark
- Sweden (Part 2)
- Gates Of Valhalla
- Finland
- Estonia
- Russia
- Brothers Of Metal & Sisters Of Steel
- Credits

DVD 2 Chapters: Live In Germany, The Ringfest

- Introduction
- Manowar
- Kings Of Metal
- Eric's Speech
- Herz Aus Stahl
- Evil Eclipse
- Warriors Of The World United
- Kill With Power
- House Of Death
- Joey's Speech
- Black, Wind, Fire And Steel
- The Crown And The Ring

Video Collection

- Gloves Of Metal
- Blow Your Speakers
- Metal Warriors (Live)
- Return Of The Warlord
- Courage (Live)
- Warriors Of The World United
- I Believe
- Gloves Of Metal (Special Edition)
- Secrets Of Steel (Rockumentary)
DVD 1 Bonus
Black Wind Fire And Steel
Herz Aus Stahl
March For Revenge
Wheels Of Fire
Alexander The Great
Moments In Time
Moments Of Truth
Nessun Dorma - The Story
DVD 2 Bonus
The Making Of "Gloves Of Metal"
The Making Of "Gloves Of Metal" Special Edition
The Making Of "Blow Your Speakers"
The Making Of "Return Of The Warlord"
Fire, Ice & Gasoline (The Making Of "Warriors Of The World United")
The Making Of "I Believe"
The Warrior's Prayer
Ringfest Documentary