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The Strawbs. Halcyon Days (2 CD)

The Strawbs. Halcyon Days (2 CD)

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The Strawbs. Halcyon Days. CD 1


On Growing Older

The Man Who Called Himself Jesus

Stormy Down

I Turned My Face Into The Wind

Queen Of Dreams


Keep The Devil Outside

The Hangman And The Papist


Golden Salamander

Tokyo Rosie

Hero & Heroine

Pick Up The Pieces

Lay Down (45 Version)

Ciggy Barlust (Backside)

Out In The Cold

Round And Round

Oh How She Changed

The Strawbs. Halcyon Days. CD 2

The Battle

Grace Darling

Blue Angel

Here It Comes

The Shepherd's

We'll Meet Again Sometime

Martin Luther King's Dream

Burn Baby Burn

Shine On Silver Sun

Why And Wherefore

Floating In The Wind

Absent Friend

Part Of The Union

Will Ye Go

The River

Down By The Sea

Tell Me What You See In Me
Издание содержит 12-страничный буклет с фотографиями и дополнительной информацией на английском языке.