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Original Album Series. Linda Ronstadt (5 CD)

Original Album Series. Linda Ronstadt (5 CD)

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Linda Ronstadt. Prisoner In Disguise

Love Is A Rose

Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox

Roll Um Easy

Tracks Of My Tears

Prisoner In Disguise

Heat Wave

Many Rivers To Cross

The Sweetest Gift

You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down

I Will Always Love You

Silver Blue

Linda Ronstadt. Hasten Down The Wind

Lose Again

The Tattler

If He's Ever Near

That'll Be The Day

Lo Siento Mi Vida

Hasten Down The Wind

Rivers Of Babylon

Give One Heart

Try Me Again


Down So Low

Someone To Lay Down Beside Me

Linda Ronstadt. Simple Dreams

It's So Easy


Simple Man, Simple Dream

Sorrow Lives Here

I Never Will Marry

Blue Bayou

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Maybe I'm Right

Tumbling Dice

Old Paint

Linda Ronstadt. Living In The USA

Back In The U.S.A.

When I Grow Too Old To Dream

Just One Look


White Rhythm & Blues

All That You Dream

Ooh Baby Baby

Mohammed's Radio

Blowing Away

Love Me Tender

Linda Ronstadt. Mad Love

Mad Love

Party Girl

How Do I Make You

I Can't Let Go

Hurt So Bad

Look Out For My Love

Cost Of Love


Girls Talk

Talking In The Dark
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