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Enter the World of Grammar: Student's Book 5

Enter the World of Grammar: Student's Book 5

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Enter the World of Grammar 5 & Use of English is aimed at upper-intermediate level students, however more advanced students may also find it useful for revision and consolidation.
As well as teaching grammar points, the aim of the book is to familiarise students with the format of the Revised Use of English Paper of the Cambridge FCE Examination.
This book consists of 23 units, three revision units and five practice tests.
Each unit is made up of:
- Grammar
a thorough review of grammatical structures with clear explanations and examples illustrating every structure.
- Grammar exercises
a variety of exercises, some of which are modelled on Paper 3 of the Cambridge FCE Examination, providing general practice on the grammatical structures taught in the unit.
- Transformation
a rewording of sentences using key words; this exercise tests grammar.
- Phrasal Verbs
clear explanations of a set of phrasal verbs together with an exercise practising them.
- Prepositions and Prepositional phrases
an exercise practising the use of prepositions with verbs, nouns and adjectives as well as their use in idioms.
- Derivatives
an exercise based on word formation to help students enrich their vocabulary.
- Words Easily Confused
a set of problem words which are defined and then practised in an exercise.