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Boost! Writing 1: Student's Book (+ CD-ROM)

Boost! Writing 1: Student's Book (+ CD-ROM)

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The 12 core units in BOOST! WRITING 4 follow a clear and transparent structure to make teaching and learning easy and fun. The writing skills build and progress across the 4 levels of Boost! writing and are correlated to the next generation of tests of English.
You will find the following in BOOST! WRITING 4 : age-approproate and cross-curricular topics models of good writing as well as examples of bad writing practice that builds from sentence and paraqgraph levels to full-length passages activities that provide an opportunity to create a wide variety of text types: essays, letters, e-mails, etc.
Прилагаемый к изданию диск CD-ROM упакован в специальный бумажный конверт и вложен во внутрь книги.