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Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge First

Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge First

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A flexible approach for intermediate/upper-intermediate students (CEFR level: B2).
  • Integrated grammar and vocabulary practice for students preparing for the Cambridge First exam.
  • Can be used to accompany an exam preparation course or on its own for grammar reference and practice Grammar for Cambridge First.
  • Thorough review of key grammar points tested in the exam with thousands of corpus-based example sentences showing natural English in authentic contexts.
  • A wealth of practice exercises for specific grammar points targeted on the exam.
    Vocabulary for Cambridge First.
  • Focus on essential words and phrases that you need to know to write about a wide range of topics.
  • Word Store at the back of the book focuses on topics and lexical areas that are important to know for the exam.
    Comprehensive practice and continuous testing in exam format.
  • Entry Tests lead students clearly to appropriate practice of specific language points.
  • Comprehensive practice in each unit focuses on the grammar and vocabulary points presented.
  • Exam Practice tests every two units test your knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary studied in the previous two units.
  • 2nd edition.