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Azoic Zone

Azoic Zone

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Anoxic Basins
"Azoic Zone" is a mail music collaborative work within the international cassette network. David Myers, Illusion of Safety, John Iliulak, Minoy, Zan Hoffman, Scot Konzehnann, Richard Franccki, Michael (icndreau, Steve Peters and John Wiggins made special original recordings for (his project. 1 used their raw sound material o together with mine - to create the soundscapes of "Azoic Zone". I greatly thank all of them for their collaboration.

Unlike some people who feel that the reaching of the sound digital production is a demostration of the music quality, and unlike some others who think that it is incompatible with the classical activities of the 'magnetic' network, I have the hope that the spreading of digital technology will not affect at all the basic features of the network, but rather it will enhance the direct contact and trading activities between musicians (so different from the classical commercial networks!) to turn the cassette network into a more general home-music network. This CD has been conceived with that spirit.

Francisco Lopez.