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Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems, Ninth Edition

Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems, Ninth Edition

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Book DescriptionOffering concise, user-friendly coverage of core topics, this essential text provides a strong foundation for courses in Accounting Information Systems and gives instructors the flexibility they need to meet their individual course objectives. The text is an excellent stand-alone resource for a shorter course in accounting information systems, or the perfect foundation textbook for a longer class in which you choose to integrate other materials such as software manuals, casebooks, andreadings. Newly updated and revised for 2005, the Ninth Edition welcomes new coauthor Carolyn Strand Norman, and provides the latest information on e-commerce, XBRL, enterprise-wide software, data modeling and databases, computer technology, andmore. Students will discover how accounting information systems collect, record, and store business data; learn how to develop effective internal control systems; and examine the accountant’s role in designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining accounting information systems.