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Dunamis: The Ancient Power of Victory

Dunamis: The Ancient Power of Victory

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Book DescriptionCreative accounting. Golden parachutes. Bankrupt companies with billionaire CEO's. Worthless 401(k) accounts. Frustrated workers who see their good ideas ignored by management. It is no wonder many in the workplace are cynics who often undertake their duties with a sneer. There simply aren't very many corporate leaders who inspire confidence and loyalty. That's why it is time for a new model of executive leadership--Dunamis.

It is a fresh take on leadership with roots in ancient Greece. Rather than commanding and controlling employee, Dunamis leaders inspire employee to new heights of loyalty and efficiency.

Dunamis breaks the mold of the business leader as dictator and outlines a spiritual mandate for leading with transcendent power. There are 9 attributes of the Dunamis Leader: Agape, Entheos, Shalom, Patience, Kindness, Goodness Faithfulness, Humility and Self-Control.