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Egypt: 4000 Years of Art

Egypt: 4000 Years of Art

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Now Egypt nurtured an extraordinary pioneering civilization whose art and architecture have never lost their power to amaze. This magnificent picture book presents a carefully chosen sequence of masterpieces ranging in date from c.4000 BC to c.200 AD, when Egypt was a province of the Roman Empire. All media are represented, from monumental architecture to exquisite jewellery and personal ornaments.
At any scale, Egyptian art has an immediate appeal for its beauty and consummate craftsmanship, and the works illustrated in this book can all be enjoyed for their aesthetic qualities alone. But they are also products of a culture very different from ours, and in his concise introduction Jaromir Malek provides the essential background for understanding why Egyptian art and architecture took the forms they did. The explanations continue in the informative captions to each illustration, and the chronological chart, map, bibliography and index provide quick reference.
Embracing architecture, painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalwork and jewellery, the illustrations.
In "Egypt: 4000 Years of Art" are all masterpieces that can be enjoyed in their own right. Presented in strict chronological order, they also form a succinct and easily digestible history of the subject that will be a valuable resource for students and teachers. For all readers this book will provide a fresh, beautiful and accessible introduction to some of the most remarkable art ever produced.