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Celtic Lamentations

Celtic Lamentations

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Book DescriptionInspired by the traditional wisdom of giving ourselves "a year and a day" to grieve, Celtic Lamentations offers a "companion in music"—a collection of recordings by Áine Minogue that carries the Celtic tradition of healing through music, and focuses on the return to everyday life. On September 11, 2002, Minogue was trying to decide how to honor the Americans who lost their lives in the Twin Towers the year before. Being an acclaimed international musician, she turned to her beloved music collection to get her through, but soon realized there was nothing that really captured her grief. With Celtic Lamentations, she has created the recording she wanted to hear that day. The eclectic array of tracks includes Celtic keening, the Banshee, Ireland’s classic "Year and a Day," several original compositions, and "Deus Meus"—an unusual fusion of Latin with Gaelic. Áine Minogue is an artist who has long explored Ireland’s themes and mysteries, and who captures its very essence in her vocal and instrumental melodies. Now listeners join her to experience music’s ability to help us acknowledge and let go of that which we’ve lost—and to remember the joys that lie ahead—with Celtic Lamentations.