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GarageBand CSi Starter (Csi Starter)

GarageBand CSi Starter (Csi Starter)

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Book Description Get ready to rock like a star with GarageBand! This amazing audio creation tool incorporates more than two hours of movie tutorials and gives you everything you need to create your own music, edit it, and export it so that you can share it with the world. No experience with music creation software? No problem! GarageBand™ CSi Starter is the ideal tool to help beginners get up and running quickly. Use this interactive training CD-ROM to work your way through a basic production from start to finish as you quickly get down to the business of producing a song with GarageBand. Sit back and watch a DAW pro show you the ins and outs and then switch over to GarageBand and try it yourself. Use the quizzing feature to test your skills along the way!